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No-H2O on Demand

No-H2O is a waterless solution to car washing and has multiple locations around Ireland. No-H2O’s secret sauce is that don't use water when valeting a vehicle. No-H2O realised they were in a unique position to turn the market on its head and instead of having fixed locations for a vehicle to be cleaned they could instead provide an on demand service and travel to the customer. No-H2O on Demand was born.

No-H2O on Demand is a realtime platform allowing users to book a range of car care services on the fly. Emmet from No-H2O wanted a fully functional system that required minimal admin input to function.

The team at No-H2O are fantastic and gave us full autonomy over the project. We came back to them with a proposal for a top drawer system and we were soon underway. The rest as they say is history.

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The Idea

To build the future of car care. We wanted to create a world class system that could expand across Europe and the world as needed. To do this we needed to meticulously plan every last detail of the platform so it can be used in multiple regions with different currencies, settings and languages.

No-H2O on Demand has multiple different users. There is the end user who wants to book a car valet using the iOS or Android app. The detailer also uses the app to get new job offers nearby, route to jobs and ping their location back to the server while online. The admin sees a complete overview of the Heath of the platform, can see incoming bookings and make sure there are enough detailers online to deal with demand.

The Design

The app had to be extremely easy to use. And the number of steps to book a car wash had to kept to a minimum. We also wanted to show the value of the app to the user right away and not hide it behind a sign up wall. So, we build the sign up flow seamlessly into the booking flow.

Once signed up, the user can book a valet in as little is 3 steps. Choose the service they would like, tell the platform where their vehicle is located and confirm the booking. We worked hard to ensure this flow was streamlined and a joy to use.

On the flip side the detailer app had to have all the required functionality and be safe to use on the move. With this in mind we designed the detailer app to only show you only the necessary information needed at that exact moment.

We also designed custom push notifications which are sent to the users throughout the booking process. These interactive notifications allow the user to 3D touch on them to get rich information. We feel these are the little touches that can really benefit an app and show that a lot of thought has gone into the usability.

The Build

No-H2O on demand is broken down in to multiple different scalable systems. We started with the backend server which controls the whole system. Both the iOS and Android apps connect to it to get the latest information on the platform.

We created a unique algorithm which picked out the best detailer for a user based on a number of differing criteria. When a booking is created the backend runs the algorithm and sends the best detailer a job offer, confirming the new booking. It is key that a first time user was a brilliant experience and the algorithm takes that into account when choosing a detailer.

The backend server also powers the admin panel which shows the entire health of the system. It displays a stream of incoming bookings, daily usage and multiple other metrics. The admin panel is a responsive web app which means it looks great not only on mobile but also on a wall mounted screen.

We worked with the team at No-H2O to highlight some key users to help us with a beta test. Throughout the building of the platform we sent out these beta builds to the users. They provided invaluable feedback along the way and really helped shape the product.


No-H2O wanted to encourage growth of the platform as quick as possible. We proposed to built a referral system directly into the app. Each user has a unique referral code which they can send on to their friends. Their friend just has to enter the code on the booking and they will get €5 off their first valet. The first user also gets €5 added to their account for their next booking. Win win!

No-H2O can also create promotional discount codes at any time for example they could give 5% of all bookings to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

As mentioned before, the platform is ready to grow into any region in the world. Both apps support multiple languages and currencies and can take payment cards from anywhere in the world.

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