We’re an ambitious team always looking for challenging work with amazing people. We opened the doors to our studio back in 2013 and have been building products ever since.

We follow a design lead process to create memorable mobile and web apps. Our full stack team can plan, design, and develop everything needed to make a killer product. But it doesn’t end there - we work with you to solidify your value proposition, run brilliant marketing campaigns and grow your product.

We use this four stage process for all projects at 8bytes. Following this refined process allows us to do what matters most to the team at 8bytes, delivering the highest quality product to you, our clients.

We often move through this process multiple times per project by breaking your product down into stages. This allows us to learn from each iteration in the evolve stage, and in turn use the knowledge gained in the next iteration.

We love building fun products that delight and are enjoyable to use

What we value

We take pride in building value for our clients.

Big challenges

We love a challenge. We’ve built real time services, online TV players, Instant Messaging apps and much more. Excite us with your challenging project idea.

Quality over quantity

Our focus on quality is unwavering. Everything we do at 8bytes is centred around delivering to you the highest quality product. No exceptions.

Profitable for growth

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and grow your business. We aim to help you create a successful product that will be around for years to come.


We build beautiful products that are technically complex but incredibly simple to use. We want to wow your users without confusing them and making their life more difficult.

How we build

Built for the future

8bytes uses the latest technology to ensure your project is built to last. Scaleable server technology allows your project infrastructure to scale along with your user base.

Design lead development

Our design led development puts your users before everything else. First and foremost we work to solve for your users before implementing our development plan.

Secure, resiliant services

All of our services are built with you and your users security in mind. Using state of the art infrastructure provide secure, resilient services which mitigate the possibility of downtime.

Agile and evolvable

Your projects first release is just the start. We understand the journey products take and we build with the future in mind. We build products which can be improved upon and gain new feature sets over time.

Some of our past work

We've worked with some brilliant clients, from international companies to excitng new startups. Click below to see a taste of what we can do.

View our case studies

What we offer

We take pride in building value for our clients.

Dedicated team

We love what we do and because we only work with select clients you can rest assured that we’re dedicated to you.

Experience that matters

We have years of experience under our belts, from working at billion dollar multinationals to helping first time founders build and grow their startups.

We’re flexible

We have the felxibilty to help you no matter where you are in the process. Need all hands on deck? No problem. Equally you can work one on one with us.

Proven refined process

Our process for building products is ever evolving. We learn from each iteration of our process and feed that knowledge into the next.

We’re always happy to meet you for a coffee to discuss your idea or advise in any way we can. No project? No problem. We love chatting to interesting people, especially if there’s cake involved.

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